At Stead Global, LLC

We strive to learn as rapidly as possible and fiercely educate. We use this knowledge and experience to leverage constant improvement through creative destruction. Finally, we create valuable work product, and always analyze our outputs. We expect that our typical time spent working would average out to the following ratios:

  • 20% – Learning
  • 40% – Improving
  • 20% – Work product
  • 20% – Work product analysis

In order to improve around here, you’ll be raising the bar. In order to raise the bar, you yourself must learn, and you must build up the people around you so they can appreciate and utilize the change. Improving something therefore earns three fold. You are forced to learn, you then educate, then we implement improvements. Most commonly when we improve something we are shooting to gain efficiency, and improve accuracy. When we do this, we decrease how long it takes to do the actual work, and we decrease how long it takes us to perform the associated analysis.

Constant improvement is the key to being successful at Stead Global. If you want to be part of a team which pulls one another upward, and believes that every single person knows at least one thing that we ourselves do not, then please use form on this page to submit your information. I promise it’s quick and easy!


Pro tip – you don’t have to write or attach anything but if you do, it’ll help us get to know you a whole lot more quickly!


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