Project Portfolio Management


Capital Projects & Turnarounds; Project & Construction Management; Full Stack Project Controls; Field & Operations Technology


Project Management; Construction Management; Portfolio Management; Field & Operations Technology


Construction Management & Scheduling; Government Contracting; UFGS Compliance; Government Reporting


Seasoned Professionals

25+ years of combined expertise in project management, project controls, and technology development.


Bleeding Edge Technology

Mobile first, cloud-based tools are designed to be friendly for your team and your data.


Commitment to Quality

Dedicated to delivering results of high value at a high visibility, while honoring your organization’s safety and compliance culture.

We’ve got it.

Stead Global is here to help your organization achieve project excellence. We leverage our expertise in project management, business processes, and technology to deliver next-generation project intelligence. We’ve recognized the importance of partnership in achieving the kinds of transformation that society is demanding evermore. 

We partner with you and help you solve problems and execute projects in ways that keep you in the pilot’s seat, and with reverence for your organizational culture and a healthy respect for your customer relationships. At Stead Global, we are committed to delivering quality solutions and seeing ourselves as part of your team. We’ll always have your back.

We know projects.

Stead Global is here to help you solve problems.

Our Clients

Refined Technologies Inc.
Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.
Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.
ATS Industrial
Ratcliff Construction, Inc.