We share project success through our dogged commitment to making you as productive as you can possibly be! The more productive each of us are, the more value we bring to our network. We focus on building project processes that are streamlined and make it easier than ever to achieve superior results. Always keenly focused on communication, we believe that the best project communication happens the right way, at the right time.


People are the key to successful projects. Understanding how the players align and work together is the difference between success and failure. When building a team it is critical to find the people with the biggest strengths and assemble them so that their faults are balanced. As a team leader the goal is to build one superman, not a bunch of people with minimized faults. We staff for strength, not weakness.


We leverage technology to make our teams competitive. We build custom desktop and mobile cloud solutions for managing the multitudes of business driven data. When you are part of the Stead Global team, you will become more competitive, and gain our technology.


Coupling our superman team with process driven technology is our first goal.

Making our network as successful as possible is our end goal.






Project Portfolio Management

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Stead Global is a small business which is focused on Project Portfolio Management. We have a specific skill set within estimating, planning, scheduling, and cost reporting. We have a foothold in three market sectors; Industrial, Government, and Commercial. We love talking projects, and learning about new businesses. I’d love to talk with you about your business, and see where we can fit in and start creating value for your project execution and reporting. Give me a call any time, shoot me an email, or pop off a text.

– Grant Stead, PMP
(361) 444-3606

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Grant Stead, PMP

Grant Stead, PMP

Owner / Strategist

Grant has a degree in Aerospace Engineering, has worked for small family owned companies, and mega corps such as Koch. His background is diverse; he’s worked with Scaled Composites & X Prize, (makers of SpaceShipOne, the first private space craft, now hanging in the Smithsonian); he’s executed government construction overseas in GTMO, and he’s even worked in big Texas Oil & Gas. Grant is focused on designing systems that allow work to get done fast.

Stead Global, LLC