About Stead Global

Stead Global, LLC is a project management & technology company based in South Texas, founded by Grant Stead. Our specialty is capital projects and turnarounds in the Oil & Gas industry, and we have expertise in commercial as well as government construction. Our leadership team grew up working as owner-operators of large-scale facilities, and we self-developed the technological expertise to bring our ideas to fruition.

We know projects. We’ve lived the frustrations of aligning objectives, scope, funding, resources, and controls and the difficulty of gathering and cleaning the data necessary to make good business decisions.

We know technology. Through a dogged pursuit of the bleeding edge, Stead Global aims to offer the tools of choice for managing projects and facility operations.

Our Leadership Team

Grant Stead

Grant is a seasoned project manager and scheduler with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has worked for a host of small family-owned businesses as well as large-scale Oil & Gas operations such as Flint Hills Resources (Koch Industries). His background is diverse, having worked with Scaled Composites & X Prize (makers of SpaceShipOne, the first private space craft which now hangs in the Smithsonian); he’s also executed government construction overseas in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO). Grant stays focused on designing systems that allow work to get done faster.

Grant Boldt, CPA

Vice President ⁠— Finance, IT

With a diverse background blending expertise in accounting, management information systems, and technological innovation, Grant brings a unique perspective to his role at Stead Global. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University, he is adept at harnessing the power of data and technology in complex business environments. His experience at Deloitte, where he led teams in compliance assessments and process evaluations primarily for large companies in the oil & gas sector, has been pivotal in building a foundation that is well-suited for the world of project controls.
At Stead Global, Grant leads the development and integration of innovative data strategies and advanced project control tools, driving the creation and implementation of specialized data transformation processes and applications tailored for turnaround scheduling and end-to-end large scale project management.

We’ve got your back.


Seasoned Professionals

25+ years of combined expertise in project management, project controls, and technology development.


Bleeding Edge Technology

Mobile first, cloud-based tools are designed to be friendly for your team and your data.


Commitment to Quality

Dedicated to delivering results of high value at a high visibility, while honoring your organization’s safety and compliance culture.