Stead Global actively serves clients executing government contracts, providing compliant construction scheduling and reporting, and also providing expertise in understanding and complying with government contracts.


Construction Scheduling

UFGS-compliant construction schedules in Primavera P6


Government Reporting

UFGS-compliant reporting and invoicing documentation


Contract Support

Guidance around understanding, bidding, and complying with a government contract

Navigating U.S. government construction contracts and the many compliance requirements they entail can be particularly painful. At Stead Global, we’ve lived it, and we’re good at it – we actively service clients that solely perform government work. We make certain your government projects comply with the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS). Stead Global’s leadership team feels an incredible sense of pride in delivering competitive contracts and valuable project outcomes for any undertaking paid for by the people of the United States of America.

We understand.

The United States government has high expectations for every project, and the UFGS is over 28,000 pages long. It could be a full-time job just for you to keep up with, let alone perform quality work for the American taxpayer. We have mastered the compliance requirements and built certain work practices around them, which we deploy whenever servicing government construction projects.

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Compliant Construction Scheduling


Cost Loaded

The UFGS requires that all Network Analysis Schedules be cost loaded in Primavera P6 and retain period performance. We will ensure that this happens properly. You shouldn’t need to update your schedule of values separately from your schedule ever again. In the end, it actually makes life easier!


Resource Loaded

Applying resources to activities is where Primavera P6 shines. There are resource types for labor, indirects, and materials. With resources you can use powerful resource leveling to indicate true construction logic. This prevents the schedule from falling apart when the construction plan changes. The plan always changes…


Government Accepted

We stand behind our schedules and have the expertise to ensure they are accepted by the government. If for any reason the contract authority has any questions or issues with the schedule/reporting we will develop a response that you can use. From here on out, don’t worry about delays in the government paying your invoices.